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Children’s Dental Care

Want to make achieving excellent oral health a family affair? We treat kids too!

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Dentistry for kids in Kelowna, BC

Burtch Dental has a family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere, ensuring your child’s visit to the dentist is a happy one. Our goal is to create a comfortable, educational experience that sets the foundation for lifelong oral health. Explore the pages below to learn more or schedule an appointment for your child today!

Learn about children's dental prevention

Preventive dentistry is the best dentistry! Burtch Dental offers a variety of services aimed at keeping oral health issues away.

Learn about children's dental restorative

If treatment is needed, our caring dentists use modern materials and techniques to restore kids’ smiles.

Learn about nitrous oxide

We offer nitrous oxide sedation for children. In certain cases, the safe, effective sedative agent can help kids get the care they need.

Burtch Dental offers expert guidance and genuine care for patients of all ages. Schedule a visit with a Kelowna dentist today!

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