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Dental Treatment technology

Intra-Oral Camera

A powerful, toothbrush-sized camera is used to take pictures inside of your mouth, so you can see exactly what we’re seeing.

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Empowering patients with better communication

When you visit Burtch Dental for an exam or treatment, we can use a tiny, intra-oral camera to take photographs of your teeth and gums. The images are enlarged on the television screen in the operatory, giving you a view of what we’re seeing. We can use the images to walk you through a diagnosis, highlight an area of concern or show you how a multi-phase treatment is progressing.

High-Definition Images

Our intra-oral camera produces clear, detailed images. We can zoom in or even use a video function.


Having the dentist explain what they’re seeing visually gives you a better understanding of your oral health and helps you make more confident treatment decisions.

Intra-Oral Camera
Captures Multiple Angles

The camera is easy to maneuver, so we’re able to show you views of your gums and enamel that would be difficult to see otherwise.

Improves Diagnostics

We can tap into the camera’s magnification powers to get a better view of areas of concern, making early detection easier.

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