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Oral Surgery

Tooth Extractions & Removal Dentist

Burtch Dental will take great care of you before, during and after your tooth extraction.

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Removing a tooth is sometimes the only option

At our Kelowna dental clinic, we take a conservative approach and always try to save your natural tooth. However, whether your wisdom teeth are impacted or a tooth is damaged beyond repair, there are cases when removal is the best choice. Our goal is to help you get back to smiling as soon as possible, and with modern techniques, sedation dentistry and a comfortable office, we’ll ensure you’re relaxed from start to finish.

What to expect during a tooth extraction

Our dentists don’t rush into a diagnosis. They’ll perform a thorough exam and evaluate your diagnostic records to ensure a tooth extraction is the ideal course of action. If you’re feeling anxious, having multiple teeth removed or undergoing wisdom teeth extraction, we’ll discuss sedation to make you more comfortable. During the procedure, your dentist will:

  • Numb the area with local anesthetic and administer sedation if you opted for it
  • Use a special tool to gently detach the tooth from the supporting bone and tissues and remove it from your mouth
  • Close the area with sutures or place bone grafting material in the empty socket, depending on the situation

Benefits Of Tooth Extractions

Prevents further complications

Whether a tooth is infected or impacted, removing it can ensure it doesn’t cause further damage to your mouth.

Stops pain

Once the tooth is extracted, any pain that it was causing will go away almost immediately.

Allows for a replacement teeth

Extracting a damaged or diseased tooth makes way for a restoration, such as a dental bridge or implant.

Burtch Dental offers expert guidance and genuine care for patients of all ages. Schedule a visit with a Kelowna dentist today!

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