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Dr. Terry Grover

Get to know Dr. Terry Grover, General Dentist.

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Dr. Grover

Kelowna General Dentist

Dr. Grover graduated from the University of Alberta Faculty of Dentistry in 1987. He practiced in his home province of Alberta until 1994 when he relocated his family to Kelowna, BC.

Dr. Grover takes pride in having a practice that operates in a professional and caring environment – one that is focused on presenting the best treatment options for his patients. In order to provide the highest quality of care, his services and products have constantly evolved throughout his 30-plus years in the dental profession. Moving to Burch Dental in March 2018 was the next step, where he merged resources with Dr. Aslani, a general dentist who has also been practicing in Kelowna for many years and has the same patient-centred philosophy of practice.

In addition to his commitment to providing up-to-date, individualized care, Dr. Grover volunteers on various dental committees (for general dentistry and dental assisting) and he participates in a wide range of clinical study groups that allow him to treat more complex clinical situations, including orthodontics and implant treatment.

Dr. Grover is also a volunteer firefighter (Station 42), but his favourite passion is flying. He recently participated (as a volunteer co-pilot) in a successful fundraising endeavor for

Dr. Grover and the team look forward to seeing you all at Burtch Dental.

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