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Here is everything you will need to get started with your premier Kelowna dentist, Burtch Dental. Please print out a copy of these documents and have them completed prior to your first appointment at Burtch Dental. If you are unsure about a document or need clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us.



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Why do I need to have my teeth professionally cleaned? Aren't I doing a good enough job at home?

When cleaning your teeth at home or at your hygiene visit, the goal is to remove bacteria that have accumulated on the teeth. This bacteria, mixed with the sugars found in the foods you eat, produce acid, which attack the hard enamel of the teeth causing tooth decay and gum disease. With daily proper brushing and flossing technique, this bacteria can be somewhat removed. However, it is quite difficult to remove this bacteria from all of those awkward places such as behind the lower front teeth, around the gumline, and the back molars. After 24 hours, that missed bacteria turns into sticky plaque, which when missed being cleaned again from hard to reach places, this plaque mineralizes and turns into calculus, and cannot be removed by a brush or floss. This is where the dental professional is needed to “scale” or remove the hard deposit from the teeth. If this calculus is left on the teeth and is not removed by your hygienist or dentist, then it eats away at the teeth and gums, causing decay and gum disease which then leads to bone loss. Bone loss leads to tooth loss. So as the saying goes, “just clean the teeth you want to keep”  It is generally advised to have a professional cleaning every 6 months, however depending on the state of your teeth-whether you have any existing bone loss or extensive dental work- a 3 or 4 month scaling may be required to maintain a healthy smile. This will be determined by your hygienists or dentists recommendation.

How much does a cleaning cost?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of a cleaning. These factors include a persons current oral health and regularity of dental visits, how many teeth a person has, and the level of hard calculus build up on the teeth. Please call us if you have any further questions on this and we will do our best to help you with an estimate.

What is fluoride and why do I need it? Is it safe?

Fluoride is a mineral that has been found to safely strengthen teeth and prevent decay. Sugars and acid producing bacteria form a sticky plaque that sits on your teeth eating away at the hard enamel causing a cavity. Regular professional cleanings and a fluoride treatment, along with using a fluoride toothpaste will aide in remineralizing enamel to help prevent cavities. Fluoride also helps with tooth sensitivity from gum recession by protecting these areas from acid bacteria. Although fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, the amounts found in our soil, and the lack of fluoride in our Kelowna municipal water supply means its that much more vital to use a fluoridated tooth paste and to be having a regular treatment with your dentist to help maintain healthy and strong teeth.

How safe are dental x-rays and why do I need them?

At Burtch dental we only use the safest and most up to date equipment on our patients, and as such we use digital x-rays instead of the conventional film x-rays. Digital x-rays use up to 90% less radiation than film. They have been found to be extremely safe, producing only a fraction of the radiation you would be exposed to in other imaging procedures. The routine x-rays that we take during your cleaning appointment and checkup exposes you to roughly the same amount of radiation you would experience from a plane ride. X-rays are a critical component of the dental exam. They are essential in providing a complete diagnosis to see issues that are not visible otherwise. They allow dentists to observe bone loss, decay, abscesses, and tumors. During procedures such as root canal treatments or implants, they allow the dentist accurate placement of material below the level of the bone that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

What can I expect at my first visit?

At your visit we will begin my going over your health history and any dental concerns you may have. We will take the minimal amount x-rays required to detect any tooth decay, bone loss or infection present and discuss these findings with you. We will also take intra oral photographs of your teeth individually as a way to show you visually any concerns we may have with your oral health. From here we will discuss the course of treatment that best suits you. We allow plenty of time to answer any questions and to ensure that you leave feeling satisfied with the course of treatment chosen by you.

Do you bill my insurance directly?

As a courtesy to you, we bill directly to all major insurance companies and dental plans. Any residual balance left over must be paid at the time service is provided.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes. Teeth whitening is safe and cost effective procedure to help enhance your smile by removing stain from the teeth.

How often should I brush my teeth?

Brushing your teeth does more than just remove bacteria from the teeth – it keeps your breath minty fresh and creates sparkling white teeth. Good dental health is about so much more than just your teeth. Your gums are an important part of the oral hygiene and dental health routine as well, so be sure you’re giving time to them when brushing. Form is as essential as frequency when it comes to brushing your teeth.

While you are sleeping at night you produce less saliva than you do during the day. Saliva works inside your mouth as an added layer of defense against bacteria and plaque that leads to cavities. Brushing immediately before going to bed will remove many of the little particles of food and a lot of the bacteria inside your mouth that is just looking for a way to degrade your dental health.

To sum up, twice a day at minimum will keep your pearly whites in peak condition!

Why do I want strong teeth?

The quality and health of your teeth is often used as a measurement of your overall health. Keeping your teeth strong and healthy not only gives you a bright white smile, it protects your mouth and other parts of your body as well. Cavities and infections in the mouth can cause a range of other ailments such as ear infections and mouth pain. Avoid it all by talking to your dentist at Burtch Dental.

What is fluoride and how does it help teeth?

Fluoride is a mineral that is used in toothpaste and public water to improve oral health. It is beneficial to your teeth as it works to prevent decay.

How safe are dental x-rays?

There is very little risk in dental x-rays when it is performed by trained professionals. We are cautious to limit the amount of radiation to which children are exposed. Lead aprons and high-speed film are used to ensure safety and minimize the amount of radiation. X-rays should only be performed at a certain frequency which we are mindful of. Contact us if you have any concerns.

When should I schedule my child’s first appointment?

Either within 6 months of the first tooth erupting or by the time they are 1 year old. This way we can ensure there are no surprises throughout the development of a healthy smile they’ll be making use of daily.

What should I use to clean my baby's teeth?

A toothbrush will remove plaque bacteria that can lead to decay. Any soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head, preferably one designed specifically for infants, should be used at least once a day at bedtime.

Are thumb sucking and pacifier habits harmful for a child's teeth?

Thumb and pacifier sucking habits will generally only become a problem if they go on for a long period. Most children stop these habits on their own, but if they are still sucking their thumbs or fingers when the permanent teeth arrive, a mouth appliance may be recommended.