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Your Best Toothpaste Options

There are more kinds of toothpastes on the market today than ever before. With brands claiming to keep your mouth fresh for twelve hours, detoxifying gum line formulas and a variety of questionable teeth whitening claims, it can be tricky navigating the selection. Burtch Dental reminds clients that cosmetic dentistry solutions over the counter are not comparable to a professional visit. Book your next oral hygiene checkup with us today. We’d love to hear which kind of toothpaste your family relies on.

Some key items to consider with toothpaste choices include:

  • Fluoride vs. Fluoride Free Formulas
  • Enamel Protection
  • Taste, Texture and Irritation

Fluoride Toothpaste vs. Fluoride Free

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in water. It becomes absorbed in the outer protective enamel layer of your teeth and replaces the lost phosphorous and calcium to keep your teeth strong and hard. Fluoride strengthens the teeth and leaves them better equipped to deal with the acidic foods and beverages we consume. Certain communities have added extra fluoride to their drinking water to help prevent dental caries or cavities. Children under the age of two years old and those who are unable to adequately spit out their toothpaste should use a fluoride free formula in the meantime. Many people obtain adequate amounts through their diet and water consumption. Our professional and caring team at Burtch Dental can discuss any fluoride questions or concerns you may have at your next dental check up.

Fluoride Free Toothpaste for KidsEnamel Protection

It is essential to maintain your regular dental hygiene visits with us so we can monitor your oral health. Certain lifestyle factors, foods and beverages may be diminishing the enamel on your teeth. Many people add lemon juice to their water or scrub with baking soda for a whiter and brighter smile. Our team is committed to helping you achieve a deep clean and a healthy mouth. We would love to discuss your at home routine to help you determine if you are harming or helping your enamel. People who are addicted to teeth whitening treatments, including abrasive toothpastes, may be damaging their enamel more than they realize. Tooth sensitivity and discomfort can occur if the enamel becomes worn away.

Bye Bye Bacteria

Burtch Dental wants you to have a healthy, happy smile you are excited to share. Your oral health and well-being affects every system within your body. Don’t let yucky halitosis take control of your next conversation. Develop a solid brushing, flossing and mouthwash rinsing routine to help you eliminate the oral bacteria and biofilm that turns into sticky plaque and hardens into tartar if left alone. Try switching up your toothpaste to a new flavour or splurging on a new spinning electric toothbrush or WaterPik to help you jazz up your routine.

Dental Checkups KelownaContact Burtch Dental Today To Perfect Your Oral Health

It’s never too late to improve your oral health! Update your daily brushing routine by ensuring the toothpaste products you are using are enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Many stronger flavoured toothpastes can lead to an irritating sensation, especially for younger patients. Keep your family healthy and happy by sticking to regular dental appointments. Call us today to check when you are scheduled in next! We look forward to seeing you and your entire family soon.