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Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. Clients enjoy brightening their smile year round and often consider having this done prior to a big event, such as a wedding or graduation ceremony. Burtch Dental in Kelowna understands how vital it is to ensure your smile is radiant and healthy any time you are going to be taking photos. Our dental team is dedicated to educating our clients to help them decide which teeth whitening procedure will best suit their needs.

Before you get started, we wanted to demystify some common myths we often hear about whitening.

The top 5 common myths about teeth whitening include:

  • Teeth whitening is unavailable for sensitive teeth
  • Whitening the teeth damages tooth dnamel
  • One teeth whitening procedure is all you will ever need
  • Whitening works on veneers & dental restorations
  • Over-the-counter teeth whitening products Are equal to the ones dentists use

Teeth Whitening is Unavailable for Sensitive Teeth

Many people have heard that teeth whitening causes pain and sensitivity during the procedure or afterward. This can occur if an extremely strong whitening solution or gel is applied. However, if a weaker solution is used, the experience may be fine for even those with prior sensitivity issues. Every client is different. It is important to discuss any sensitivity issues or concerns with your dentist to ensure your medical history and file is up to date. Burtch Dental has a variety of teeth whitening options that can be discussed with you during your consultation.

Teeth Whitening KelownaWhitening the Teeth Damages Tooth Enamel

There have been reports of high bleaching concentrations having negative effects on tooth enamel including etching and erosion issues. Misapplying at home products or leaving whitening items on your teeth longer than recommended can have poor results. This is one of the main reasons Burtch Dental recommends booking your consultation and teeth whitening with us first! Skip the over-the-counter experiments and treat yourself to a safe and professional teeth whitening experience instead!

One Teeth Whitening Procedure Is All You Will Ever Need

While the whitening effects are permanent, the fact is that daily consumption of staining beverages and foods, along with the natural aging process itself, can influence your smile. Burtch Dental reminds clients that over time, their teeth may continue to have a yellow or greyish appearance, as the dentin layer underneath the enamel can naturally darken over time. For best results, touch up appointments are generally recommended. Opting for custom whitening trays is an investment into your future whitening needs too!

Whitening Works On Veneers & Dental Restorations

Teeth whitening products only work on natural teeth. If you have porcelain restorations or veneers, you will have to have them replaced in order to perfectly match the rest of your smile. This is why many people who are going to undergo dental implant therapy, decide to whiten their teeth prior to their oral surgery so that their new dental crown restoration can be made to match a brighter smile.

5 Common Myths About Teeth WhiteningOver-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products Are Equal to the Ones Dentists Use

The market is saturated with different teeth whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, gum, strips and more. While it can seem like an easy fix, the truth is nothing compares to having your teeth professionally whitened. People have damaged their teeth and gums in the past by not following directions or misapplying the product. Trust your smile to the caring and professional team at Burtch Dental for the most gentle yet effective teeth whitening.

Many natural foods including strawberries have the reputation for being natural whiteners. The natural whitening can occur as the fruit acids penetrate the enamel on your teeth. Therefore, over time, you can be doing more harm than good by going the acidic route. Once your enamel is diminished, there is no way for your body to produce more. Protect your smile and only rely on professional whitening tips from dentist Kelowna!

Book Your Teeth Whitening With Burtch Dental In Kelowna Today!

We look forward to assessing your smile and hearing how many shades whiter you would prefer. Our caring and committed dental team will help you attain the healthy, glowing smile you crave. Call Burtch Dental today to get started!