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General Dentistry 101: Burtch Dental Welcomes New Kelowna Clients

General Dentistry 101: Burtch Dental Welcomes New Kelowna Clients

Happy summertime, Kelowna! Are you capturing all of your fun family moments, personal milestones and travels with tons of photos? Now is the perfect time to ensure your oral health and well-being is at its best. We’d love to help you embrace your smile. Burtch Dental has the cosmetic and general dentistry smile solutions for every member of your family. Our friendly and experienced dental clinic is conveniently located at the corner of Harvey Avenue and Burtch Road. Call our office today if you are looking for a new dentist Kelowna! Discover some of our tips for a whiter and healthier smile below:

• Maintain Oral Hygiene
• 3D Dental Impressions for Ultimate Accuracy
• Cosmetic Dentistry Tips For A Whiter Smile

Maintain Great Oral Hygiene This Summer

Maintaining your oral hygiene during summer holidays is essential for protecting your smile. Dental plaque and bacteria build-up is a common precursor to many issues that arise. Stay proactive with your oral health by setting a timer to ensure you are brushing your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes each time. Double check your flossing technique to ensure you are reaching all areas properly in between your teeth. Follow up with a mouthwash to complete your daily routine. Consider splurging on an electric toothbrush system to boost your family’s ability to remove biofilm and plaque before it has the chance to harden into tartar. Dental professionals recommend that kids up to the age of 12 require supervision and often an adults help to ensure their technique is adequately getting the job done.


3D Dental Impressions & Current X-Rays

Our experienced and professional dental team relies on state-of-the-art digital technology to obtain accurate measurements. Say goodbye to the messy, yucky-tasting dental impressions of yesteryear and sit back and relax! Minimally invasive, our 3D dental impressions obtain instant information, enabling us to discuss your case quicker and with more precise information. We always ensure your dental X-Rays are up-to-date and your current medical history is on file. Many early cavities are visible prior to becoming symptomatic. We rely on the latest dental technology to help you obtain precision results with less time in the chair.

Cosmetic Dentistry Tips For A Whiter Smile

Our enamel is susceptible to daily damage due to the acidic foods and beverages we consume. Over time, cigarettes, red wine, coffee and green or black tea can take their toll. Certain medications and even the natural aging process can affect how bright our smiles radiate. Burtch Dental has the teeth whitening solutions you are searching for. We are happy to book you in for the ZOOM! Teeth Whitening procedure or we can discuss sending you with custom take-home whitening kits. Book your next dental cleaning and oral hygiene appointment with us today! Our family-friendly dental office looks forward to getting to know more Okanagan smiles. If you are looking for a new dentist Kelowna, Burtch Dental is accepting new clients!


Cosmetic Dentistry & General Dentistry Solutions In Kelowna

Regardless, if you require a root canal, dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, a comprehensive cleaning, orthodontics, teeth whitening or any other procedure, Burtch Dental has the smile solutions you and your family are looking for. We want you to love your healthy grin and be proud to show it off. Our caring team is happy to answer all of your dental questions and concerns while providing you with lasting smile solutions. Call 250-862-3070 to book your family in with us today!

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